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Endless Bummer


From National Lampoon, the masters of raunchy comedy, comes a summer tale of beers, babes, and bros! In the surf town of Ventura, California, JD’s surf board is stolen by a surfer from Los Angeles…a crime that cannot go unpunished. Gathering his friends and the local surf hero, Mike Mooney, they take a road trip to LA to get the surfboard back, then return to Ventura for the wildest summer party ever!
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User Reviews

  • The National Lampoon name means little.
    This movie just goes to show you that the National Lampoon name doesn’t really mean anything anymore. This feels like a low-budget TV Movie, with a simple linear story, basic acting, and a stereotypical cast. However, it isn’t “awful”… it is saved by some interesting outcomes I wasn’t expecting at all, and a cast that doesn’t try to hard with their limited dialogue.

    I don’t know why they called this “Surf Party” as their is hardly any surfing, and hardly any partying. It’s about a stolen surf board, and the short quest to venture from Ventura (see what I did there) into the Valley to recover it.

    Since this is National Lampoon branded film, you might be expecting a lot of nudity. But this film doesn’t deliver much even on that front… so you will be disappointed if that is all you seek.

    Not much to recommend, really. If you’re from Ventura or surrounding areas you’ll see familiar sites (I enjoyed that aspect at least). However, the “Wonder Years” style of opening and closing seems to be a particularly cheesy flavor for this genre of film.

  • Surfs UP and not ‘alf as bad as the other two reviewers are making out…
    All in all this was way funnier and fresher than I’d expected.

    Three buddies go in search of a handmade beautiful surfboard that gets stolen.

    Nicely put together and all in all an easy view.

    It’s never gonna win an Oscar but it is well made and if you like stoner surfer movies then this ain’t bad at all – nothing’ too offensive but as a buddy movie I’ve seen a lot worse.

    We enjoyed the summer of our youth vibe, it really is pretty good if you just want to chill and watch a movie. Some nice surfing sequences and the obligatory stoners and chicks – no brainer stuff…

  • Good
    From National Lampoon, the masters of raunchy comedy, comes a summer tale of beers, babes, and bros! NOT! The film is difficult to call enjoyable, but the acting is effective. This is the kind of film that tries to prove that a small story can be much more meaningful than a larger one. This is probably the worst of the sequels, with nothing to laugh at. From an artistic standpoint, there were some plot elements and character developments I didn’t think were totally needed. They do however drive the story, which seemed to be their purpose, so I can accept them. I finished this film, thinking, “There are people out there suffering and I can do something to help them out!”
  • What is this junk?
    This is the worst movie I have ever seen in the history of seeing movies and I have seen a lot of rubbish, this however tops them all.

    There is no content and there is no story, it is an endless stinking pile of goo where clichés one after another is being jammed down the throat of the viewers of this flick. During the few moments this is not the “content” of the movie, the “content” consist of fillers.

    Any school kid that makes a movie can make a movie with more entertaining content than this movie.

    DO NOT WATCH THIS, you will regret it and wished you could undo the traumatizing experience that will give you scars from the boredom for the rest of your life.

  • Take it for what it is
    Take this movie for what it is. A snapshot of what life was like in the 80’s in a suburban Southern California beach community. The correct approach is to soak up the feeling it evokes not rip the plot up. The plot isn’t the point. Granted, it may not be a period piece many are interested in but it is accurate depiction of lower middle class life was like at that time with a lot of silliness mixed in. These are kids from single-family non-attentive households, not aspiring to anything beyond they know outside their little universe of beaches, girls and recreational drugs. It also shows how a gang mentality begins. These surfer kids were each others family and were very territorial. In this case a kid from the “Valley” (San Fernando Valley) was trespassing and stole one of the local kid’s surfboards triggering a manhunt to retrieve it. No plan, no strategy, no thinking three steps ahead. In other words exactly how teenagers behave and think. It’s lucky they were able to film in a place that basically hasn’t changed in 20 years.
  • Done Before.
    A guy from the Valley steels a Surf Board from a surfer he thinks is now with his ex-girlfriend. This leads to the surfer, his friends and a local surf hero to track down the thief in the valley and retrieve the board. A journey that inevitably starts them each on the next chapter of there lives. Has a 70’s Surf vibe to the movie.

    Done Before…..

    Well I guess it’s true, it has all been done before and every thing is a repeat, but this is ridiculous. The movie Endless Bummer was released in 2009 and this is the same movie with just a couple of extra scenes edited in to it. RE-releasing the same move after RE-editing it and giving it a new title is just plain lazy and insulting. The extra bits don’t add to the movie and you would be better of watching the original.

    National Lampoon are just getting lazy and need to be punished for it.

    BUT…. in saying all that, this is still a fun movie to watch on a rainy afternoon. 7/10.

  • Dude where’s my Surfboard!!!
    If you liked Dude Where’s My Car you’re gonna love this one. Forget the people who are giving low scores, this is the one to watch!!!
  • A board gets stolen and a lame attempt to get it back
    I got carried away by IMDb’s 7.8/10 rating for this movie. Turned out to be 90 minutes of unadulterated torture.Some guys surf board gets stolen and it turns out the guy who stole it is the valley. The guy whose board is stolen gathers a motley group of friends who are all lame. They set off to retrieve the board. But only once when they get the board they now want revenge. Its actually pathetic even trying to describe the plot The acting is pathetic. The story line is rubbish at best.Am seriously wondering who the 58 people are who ensured this movie is ranked so high here and what there frame of mind was to vote accordingly. Too bad IMDb doesn’t allow to rank less than one. If i had my way i wouldn’t even give it a rating of 0.Do yourself a favor and stay away from this one.
  • Misleading title and no nudity? Could this be good? Yes, it can!
    The title is very misleading and I do not see why they put National Lampoon in front of this movie and why did they call it surf party? When I started to watch this movie I did not have very high expectations about the content and thought this would be like another hyperactive T&A movie with a surf theme.

    To my surprise, I found out this was not true. Instead this is a coming of age movie that tells a story about some friends on a journey to find a stolen surf board and why the surf board got stolen. Main characters are likable and the acting feels normal. The movie flows along in a nice pace and I never got bored or looked at the clock while watching this movie.

    This movie reminds me of teen movies from the late 70’s like The Van (1977) and Malibu Beach (1978). The movie also has some quirky characters appearing like Joan Jett and Lee Ving. The only thing missing here is Steve Oliver as Dugan, getting into a fight and yelling, “Nobody calls Dugan a turd!”

    As a surf comedy and a National Lampoon movie, there is no nudity, but the girls show some skin in bikini’s. I think the movie tries to rely on storytelling and characters rather than showing T&A to keep viewers interested though the movie.

    A modern surf comedy that feels like a late 70’s surf comedy? A pleasant surprise.

  • Enjoyed It A Lot
    I love surfer flicks. It’s not a good one, but it’s watchable. It’s a cool beach flick. The main guy is kinda cool too. The blonde surfer type. Some of the chicks are hot. It’s a laidback surfer film. Nothing to be learned. It’s cool!

    I don’t know. Watch it if that sounds cool. 3 stars

  • Total Surprise
    An instant classic of a surf film here. Will go down in history with BIG WEDNESDAY as a great, fun surfing flick. Thought I would hate it, but I love it. A lot. Early 80s authenticity, to the max, dude.
  • Cult classic??
    I thought it was very good. Not over the top. A piece of ART. Not too full of stupid gag humour, antics, and unrealistic conversations. I Felt it struck a chord on my heart. I wish it didn’t carry the national lampoon name, because everyone who goes into it with the national lampoon in mind will be disappointed. I guess I can see that the characters are hard to relate to for most people. But still they feel real and true. They are honourable and thoughtful.

    It is certainly not the best movie ever, I think it is out of its time. Maybe to be made earlier or later and this thing would be more respected. anyway The actors did a good job. I Think it sort of has a dazed and confused; empire records vibe. Is it missing that extra push to put it into cult classic history? you decide. Anyway I plan to watch it with my son someday when he is older.

    I feel the other reviews are a little too hard on a good story. Van wilder, project X, super-bad, etc. have given us this weird expectation in our party movies. We want to see the loser spin out of control on the best night of this life and shlt his pants and blow up his parents house. This is not that story. It is a real story that stays with reality. Fun people doing the right thing.

  • A different sort of movie!
    Well the movie is not that bad in actual! Sure it doesn’t have a great story line, but its better than the most movies of of this kind which i happen to have suffered overtime. Acting is really good and dialogues are mature which was a nice surprise for me. Sure it seems that someone has made a movie after properly doing their homework.

    It is made with a different sort of perspective and has more to it than a couple of hot girls showing off their body which is sadly what most of “summer surf beach movies” are made off these days and may not appeal to all users. But i found it interesting and recommend it.

    Also it contains some fun and witty stuff so you may get laugh every now and then 🙂

  • Irony
    On a mission seeking justice for their stolen surfboard they go around stealing beer from gas station clerks.

    10 lines about the movie. Beach Personalities Ventura Valley

    Better-than-thou thieves search for their stolen surfboard while stealing beer from gas station clerks.

    10 lines about the movie. Beach Personality Ventura Valley Seeking justice for their stolen surfboard they go around stealing beer from Quick-E-Mart.

    10 line about the movie. Beach Personalities Ventura Valley. Thumbs down.

Scene from Endless Bummer

Warning: Spoilers

  • Not funny enough…
    I saw this movie at the video store, and i am a bit of a sucker for those type of “teen overnight” movies. I decided to rent it and to be honest, i felt it was pretty disappointing. First, thankfully i didn’t saw “Endless Bummer” cause i just saw its that movie repack with a new title. Awkward…

    So i start to watch it and it start as a typical presentation of all the movies protagonist, then incident happen(surf get stolen) and we can start the overnight. Problem is, its just not done right.

    This concept has been done many times, movies that did it right where the ones like Superbad, 21 and Over and so on. This movie just follow the group during that night but nothing really funny happen.

    They more or less find the guy, dad acknowledge what his son did was wrong, let them punch him a couple time and thats it. You would expect the thief to have friends, our protagonist trying to get back the surf board but always coming short of it, getting screwed and then eventually planning some kind of big revenge, i dunno. But the thing is, they find him, dad let them in, they pick the surf board, and thats it. How they wait and want revenge on the guy is extremely silly as well…

    Couple stuff happen to the secondary characters, but nothing major and i dunno what else to say, its just not as funny as this kind of movie should be. At the end you got a speech telling us about what happened to the characters like this was somewhat a real story, i dunno, but its not.

    I wouldn’t say its totally terrible, just that it really lacks funny moments and for a 2009 movie repacked in late 2013… you wonder what was the motivation. Lets just say i am generous with a 5.

  • Endless stupidity
    This movie was not funny at all, in fact it was pretty patethic, you got this teen surfing, happy with his new surfboard, looses it during a wave, he is still paying it off, and someone else steals it from him, he then tells all his friends about the incident and they start searching for the guy who stole it, they manage to track him down, go to his house, he was not there, instead they explained everything to his dad.His dad gives them back the surfing board and they leave….BUT NO THEY STAYED WAITING. behind some bushy plants drinking beer so that when his son arrives they can beat him up…WOW, so they confront him again this time with his son, and his dad tells them you can either call the cops about this stupid incident he didn’t say stupid but that what it is, or you have the permission to strike at my son 3 times. WOW. then something really dumb happens which is a waste of time explaining, to make this long patethic story short they got the board, and they are happy and guess what? the board falls out from the back of the cars open bonnet, they get out of the car to pick it up, and guess what? another car comes their direction and breaks it..SO ORIGINAL, and then you just see the teens and the guy who lost and got his board broken, describing how they got on in their later stages in life. example having kids and stuff. BOOOOOOOOORING
  • i am still thinking why did i watched this film
    national lampoon the original humor magazine that once had many original film series to its name until it became a ridiculous franchise with not even a single movie that is enjoyable i saw this film today hoping it will have some comedy or maybe some hot scenes i was wrong.

    the plot:JD got his surf board stolen and now he wants it back from a guy who stole it get back to a beach party.

    it got nice visuals and good filming style but where is the original story it and where is the fun for the fans,the jokes are annoying from everyone in the cast,and for Allison Scagglioti miss what are you doing please look at the script before you sign a movie.

    it got me think for an hour what made me watch this film have i lost my taste in films or i am desperate for some decent comedy i have not came across since 2010 there is a film called Hera Pheri 2000 i would like to recommend people here to at least watch that film to know what true comedy is.

    these films are trying to hard to ape American pie franchise but it wont work AP series are classics compared to this.

    my rating for this film is 1/10 awful i am sorry but please Skipp this for your own good its a waste of time

  • IMDb rating of 3 is pretty correct
    The weakest part of this is story. Spoiler: there is no surf party in it. Instead, we have some road movie like visit to LA . What means that real spoiler is movie’s title.

    There was lot of clich̩ in. Pretty much forgettable. But there is one thing what I will remember for sure: our heroes were very mad and demanding because of their stolen surf board, while they regularly steal beer from small shops Р2 cases during their trip shown.

    To say something good: there were some cool shots of surfing in first part. There was Joan Jett in smaller role. But her character was really undeveloped. There was some moral blah at the end, but not what I hoped – about “do not steal” .

  • Based on real people of the 60s and 70s so it’s cool but ouch…
    I ran across this feature and live in Ventura so I wanted to see what it was all about. After watching it initially I was kind of disappointed. It is a typical low budget National Lampoons feature that fell short… but I did a little more research and found most of the characters are real life Venturians that moved and lived in the heyday of surfing and skating in this blue collar surf town, mostly in downtown/midtown near Pierpont.

    Mike Mooney, Sparks, Lardo, and others were caricatures of the real people. It turns out Mike Mooney is a fixture in town and still shapes boards and that Sparks, where the story eludes to him riding his last wave at 25, took his own life when he was 25.

    It was fun to see all the local shops and spots, even though most of it was shot on Sea Street near the surf shot and down in the Pierpont condos.

    I wish it could have been a sweeter film, more nostalgic and period piece and coming of age film rather than trying to force it into a shallow comedy and dramatic formula. However it was funny to hear people called southies (from LA and The Valley)…

  • One of the worst movie ever made
    Such a stupid plot. A guy loses his surfing board, gathers his friend and goes out to look for it, finds the board, cannot find the one who stole it, waits for him, and when he comes back, his dad gives them option of either calling the cops or get 3 shots at the guy. The drunk one mistakenly gets the turn and fails to hit him in 2 shots, takes one more gets a good shot and thats it they return home with the surf board. On their way back the surfboard gets crushed by a car and they end up with nothing. back. Seriously, its nothing more than that. I beg all of you not to spend your precious hour on this.

    The actors were quite bad and there was nothing I enjoyed in the movie. I don’t believe how i watched the complete movie. I wonder why this movies not in the bottom list of IMDb.

  • just not funny enough
    Weak storyline, 95% unfunny, weak ending….and the moral of the story is…. well…. i have no idea. And the bit at the end when they pull up in the car back home again… guy and old surfer dude get out of car, have big heart to heart, bla bla bla.. THEN afterwards the other guys leap out of car and have their big heart to heart spiel… I mean , what where they doing in the car?, they’re home, why did they not get out of the hot stinking car soon as they pulled up? Me an a few mates could have written a funnier story over a few beers, like 0% effort put in by the writers… i watched this movie for free, and i still feel like i got ripped off.
  • Worst Movie Ever
    Whenever I watch such kind of crap, I wonder are there real people like those in the movie. The acting is OK but there is no plot, fun, comedy etc. The whole story is about returning back a stolen surf board in an ordinary way. There is nothing interesting or funny. We have watched such kind of movies since now but even the worst had something enjoyable. This movie really needs a lot of things to be considered as good. I think directors use celebrities (likewise in this movie – Matthew Lillard) to get attraction. I wonder why known actors accept such kind of movies. There is no need to wait for the finished job. Anyone who reads the scenario would have said: “so what?”

Director: Sam Pillsbury
Writers: John ‘J.D.’ Drury (story), Kevin Lyman (story), John F. Sullivan (screenplay)
Stars: Khan Chittenden, Colton James, Ray Santiago
AKA: National Lampoon Presents: Surf Party

Other Movies: The Situation (2006), Endless Bummer (2009), Miss Nobody (2010) ,Polack (2010), I Really Hate My Job (2007)